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Oprogramowanie do WWW - Discovering AutoCAD 2004
Discovering AutoCAD 2004

Discovering AutoCAD 2004

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Opis produktu: Oprogramowanie do WWW - Discovering AutoCAD 2004
For courses in AutoCAD. Based on the belief that computer-aided design, like many other skills, cannot be learned by merely reading about it, this text engages students in hands-on activity from the very beginning and integrates explanatory material, techniques, tips, and shortcuts with practical exercises. Each chapter is organized in a consistent format around a series of tasks to be done at a CAD workstation. This text further features an abundance of substantive working drawings (complete with dimensions) for use as problems. Activity based and task oriented - Tasks are identified clearly at the beginning of each chapter and carefully sequenced so that students progress logically through the AutoCAD command set. By working through tasks, students are actively involved in learning and drawing at every stage. Learning is always in context and is put to use immediately. This greatly enhances understanding and retention. Highlighted instructions -All instructions are clearly marked with an arrow and set in a different typeface to distinguish them from discussion statements. Students have no trouble recognizing what they are being asked to do. Discussions and explanations are integrated with actions to be performed so that students are motivated to read and understand. Review questions and drawing problems - Before the working drawings in each chapter. Students test their understanding and retention of material presented in the chapter before proceeding to the drawings which apply new knowledge. Substantive drawings -In each chapter. The drawings are clearly dimensioned and related through drawing suggestions to techniques introduced in the chapter. Students learn real applications and progress steadily, integrating new techniques through the course of the book. Frequent use of charts and clearly worded text to summarize complex information-e.g., in the discussion of the ARC command in (Task 2 of Ch. 5), the narrative, exercises, and chart provide a unique and comprehensive overview of a very difficult topic which has been poorly presented in other books. Organizes basic information about AutoCAD so that students can comprehended it and put it to use immediately. 6-10 drawing exercises -At the end of each chapter. These exercises require the use of newly introduced commands as well as previous commands. In this section, drawings are presented in a large, fully dimensioned format on each right-hand page, with accompanying tips, suggestions, and reference illustrations on the left-hand page. Challenges students and provides a thorough test of their understanding of concepts. A Companion Website -Features additional review questions and problems, and Internet material. Students have both a self-assessment tool and a source of extra projects
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