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Filmy dokumentalne - World War II in Colour [DVD]
World War II in Colour [DVD]

World War II in Colour [DVD]

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Opis produktu: Filmy dokumentalne - World War II in Colour [DVD]
FACE TO FACE. The vast majority of men involved in WWII never experienced combat, serving instead in the huge support services that kept the war machine going. The men who were actually at the front lived through some of the greatest horrors of the human experience. Their story was one of a constant struggle to stay alive while being pushed beyond the limits of hope. This programme takes you to the sharp end and into the daily lives of the servicemen taking on their enemy face to face. BATTLEGROUND. World War II was a truly global conflict fought in extraordinary terrain and climbs over four continents. During the battles of World War II, this terrain was paid for in blood. Thousands of men found their final resting place in the ground for which they fought. This emotional programme is a testament to the courage and sacrifice made by those who paid the ultimate price for victory. HOMEFRONT. World War II touched the lives of, not only the millions of combatants at the front lines, but also the civilian populations at home. Severe war-time conditions were often inflicted on those least able to cope with them - women, children and the elderly. They bravely shouldered their duties while suffering the burden of rationing, terror and concern for their loved ones overseas
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